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2015-09-07 19:48:32 by KD18


Well, it's been a few months since I've actually posted a video/news update/music up here, but times are definitely changing :D. Over the past few weeks, I've been finishing up a new recording, and I'm going to be releasing it NEXT WEEKEND. That's right; check back on my social media for the release next weekend ( In honor of that (and to build some hype :) ), I wanted to post up a  new live video from the archives, which you may find above. This was performed almost a year ago but still remains one of my favorite pieces to play live. So, hopefully you guys enjoy it :D; you can listen to an official recording at one of the following pages:

Again, this video is being released in anticipation of a new recording's imminent release. Check back on my social media (or here) NEXT WEEKEND to check out the new song :). Thanks for all of the support!!


A few months ago, I also released another live performance, but I never made a post for it. So, to remedy that, I'm also posting that video below :D. Here's literally the FIRST and ONLY performance of "In an Unrelated Story"; enjoy!!



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2015-09-13 17:23:19

Check out the track over here :):


2015-09-19 00:38:20