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2015-02-12 14:34:43 by KD18


If you watched my video regarding the album Kaizen, you know that these past two years have been an epic, transformational journey for me.  Having hit rock bottom at that time, I wanted more out of life, and that desire compelled me to sacrifice anything for happiness - whether it was a high-salaried job, my own place, etc.  In the end, I ended up completely restructuring my mind, purpose, and almsot every facet of my life; there was no sacrifice great enough to stop me from attaining the true, sustainable happiness/success I was after.  Well, by choosing to indulge in that mentality and personal journey, I ended up partaking in some of the greatest experiences of my entire life, and I became something that transcended beyond anything I could ever imagine.  The journey always gave me more than it took.

A few days ago, I just launched a new side project which focuses on condensing that journey into an online self-development and tutoring program.  Entitled "The Kaizen Effect", this project seeks to find people who not only want more out of life but are willing to put in the time, effort, and dedication to make stuff happen. As such, it offers the tools, lessons, and wisdom needed to pave a track record of excellence.  So, if you want more out of life and wish to push the boundaries of what you think is possible, check out my website; I'll be providing the resources for developing a proper inner framework that is essential for any successful lifestyle.  Then, since success is something that flows from the inside-out, I'm also using the website to provide some tutoring in physics, math, and engineering; I want to provide additonal vehicles which supply the external knowledge, talents, and skill sets to drive you towards success.

So, if you want a life that always gives more than it takes and is founded on your passions, check out our website, subscribe to our YouTube page, and like our Facebook page below.  Join me as we all grow into the best version of ourselves together,  and I promise that you will engage in the most epic journey of your entire life:

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2015-04-11 01:46:59

Totally will check out!