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Quick Update

2015-01-01 15:04:44 by KD18


Since my last post, I have been transcending space and time, progressing on my own journey, and starting new and exciting projects (which I hope to share with all of you soon!!).  Anyway, on the music front, I wanted to provide a quick update for all of you.  If you haven't seen it already, I ended up performing a 30-minute set for the holidays; here's a performance of Transiberian Orchestra's Carol of the Bells :D :

Also, in honor of the new year, I ahve also released a pre-drums (or so i think lol) version of track 2 for Kaizen; this guy is entitled "Even a Burning Phoenix Foresees its Resurgence..." and is intended to set the tone of the album's journey (see the song for a more detailed description):


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2015-01-05 04:18:39