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Kaizen Update #1

2014-08-27 00:31:11 by KD18

So, since I'll be quite busy in the coming months (grad school), I decided to put together quite a large update regarding the album - amounting to 1 hour and 15 minutes of content (probably the largest video I've ever put together, but it was a lot of fun :) ). In this update, I go over three main topics: the album's overall concepts/themes, my composition process, and how I approach recording and mixing. Furthermore, throughout the video, you'll also be able to hear random snippets from three separate pieces: the introduction piece (which is mainly a piano/orchestra composition with a full choir), "Even a Burning Phoenix Foresees its Resurgence..." (Which sets the tone for the album's "downfall" and journey to rise'll get to hear pretty much all of this piece in the video), and "...And When He Rises, He Shall Soar" (Which is intended to convey the euphoria accompanying any type of rise and rewarded perseverance). Although I was unable to fully finish the recording process this summer, it has been more than fulfilling to take my tangible experience/journey, translate it into an expansive musical piece, and then manifest portions of it within this world :). Thus, this is sort of like a concise conclusion of a great summer - one that came as the culmination of my developmental journey and lead to even more growth. Thanks to everyone who was able to contribute to that development and all of the great times; your presence means more than you'd think. Here's to all of the maturation, beauty, and possibility that's in store for this upcoming semester; enjoy and carpe diem :)!!




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