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Live Stream Performance

2013-04-21 11:45:17 by KD18

If any of you are interested in seeing em play some of these songs live, I'll be streaming a live performance of a few songs. See the information below on how to attend, and let me know if you have any questions/suggestions. Hope to see some of you guys there :D

Stream Link: s/2047489

Date: 4/24/13 @ 7:00 PM EST

Edit: going live soon; hope to see you guys there :D


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2013-06-11 02:21:58

Sorry that i missed you perform.... i hope your doing well though. Every time i hear TheSoundOfNoOneListening, it makes me want to find the artist that composed it. I dont know but it has such a powerful touch to it. keep making music please


2014-06-07 20:53:12

Thanks for making more music I think lol but its great to see your alive... :D

KD18 responds:

Thanks for following me :). Although I've been busy with graduate school, I have been diligently putting stuff together and have enough for what I want to call a new "album". One track is currently in a recorded state but unreleased; I'll be finishing that up and recording more this summer.


2014-06-13 23:05:18

Yay thats awesome! I hope it turns out great! I can't wait

KD18 responds:

Haha, awesome; it brings a huge smile to my face to hear that someone can't wait for my content to be released. Thanks a lot for the kind words; I feel more incentive to get moving on the whole project now :). Have a great day, sir!


2014-06-21 14:33:49

just want to say that i've been listening to your work for a long, long time. and i put it far above anything else, as it's so very unique to me, thank you.

KD18 responds:

That's actually very inspirational to me; thank you for the kind words! There are points at which I sometimes find it hard to persist with everything going on, but comments like these are what give me that extra fuel to keep going. So, thank you so much for following me!!