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2017 Submissions

Anti-Fragile Classical Song
So Shines a Good Deed Indie Song
Sound of No one Listening Indie Song
The Stars are Yours Miscellaneous Song
Lilly Indie Song
Crossing Horizons Indie Song
A Melancholic DepartureV2 Indie Song
Act IV: All Endings Recall the General Rock Song
Soaring the Skies Miscellaneous Song
...And a Despondent Return Classical Song
Under Floorboards Ambient Song
Final Fantasy -7: OLAED Video Game Song
A Normal Day's Progression Ambient Loop
Flooded Memories Ambient Song
When Everything is Nothing General Rock Song
The Weight of the World Classical Song
Falling into a Hopeful Land Ambient Song
A Melancholic Departure Ambient Song
Act III:Scene Two (no drums) General Rock Song
Act III: Scene One General Rock Song
Act II: Scene Three Classical Song
Act II: Scene Two General Rock Song
Act II: Scene One General Rock Song
The Sound of No One Listening Ambient Song
Act I: Intro Miscellaneous Song